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I just decided to setup my very own [ownCloud]( to get rid of Apple and Google for my personal Calendar and Contact Sync. Gladly the great team of [uberspace]( has already set up a [Wiki]( describing how to install and configure it on their servers. (Installation is in fact just running a php-script)

After setting up an admin-user, you're in. By default you have a view for all your Files in your ownCloud as well as special views for images and documents. When you install the [ownCloud Desktop Sync Client]( you can use it just like Dropbox or Google Drive: Place any Files in the ownCloud Folder and they will automatically be synced.

Primarily I want to use ownCloud to sync my calendars and contacts between my MacOS- and iOS-Clients. All you have to do for this is:

* Export Calendars as .ics-files and contacts as .vcf-files
* Place these files in your ownCloud Folder and wait for their upload
* In your ownCloud webfrontend open each file and add its contents to the calendar/contacts apps.
* In the settings of the apps you can find the urls to your new CalDAV/CardDAV Server. They look something like this (for calendar, contacts is slightly different):
> https://DOMAIN/OWNCLOUD_FOLDER/remote.php/caldav/principals/USERNAME/
* Add these URLs to your *Internet Accounts* in the MacOS *System Preferences* alongside your ownCloud credentials.
* Check if the data has been downloaded to your calendar/ and delete your old Google/iCloud subscriptions.

OwnCloud has many more great features, for example an RSS-Reader. Let's hope that mobile RSS-Readers like [Reeder]( will support ownCloud soon.